Prices subject to change depending upon your snow loads.
Garages and Breezeways (not included) Can be added to your plans NC

Full set of Working Drawings:
Floor plans can be changed on existing designs at no charge
Foundation & 1st Deck, All Floor Plans, Elevations in 3D, Cross Section & 3D Frame

Building Manual – Extensive and easy to navigate

Timber Frame Kit:
Eastern White Pine Timbers finely planed (Edge treatment: 45- degree chamfer or 1/2″ round over)
A Clear Penetrating Sealer Applied to all timbers (No future maintenance required)
Straight or curved corner braces (4×6 Knee Braces 18”, 24”, 30” and 36”) (Per plan)
X-Bars (per plan) (for electrical boxes in ceiling and roofs)
Pegs & barn screws
Instructional Erect Frame Video and unlimited phone tech support
3D Numbered Frame Plan

Panel Kit:
Precut Stresskin Panels for walls and roof
8 1/4” (R-32) Roof Panels (upgradeable to R-48)
6 1/2″ (R-24) Wall Panels
Min 6″ Eaves and 14″ Rakes
All splines, screws, panel caulking for assembly (Spray foam purchased locally)
Instructional Panel Assembly Video and unlimited phone tech support
Detailed Panel Plan

Also Included:
Timber Frame Porches (perimeter) are included when shown
1 x V-Match Premium Pine Roof boards
Dormers (when shown) 6′ Dormers and Larger are Timber Framed
2 x 6 Tongue & Groove Pine Decking for 2nd Deck & 3rd Floor Lofts
Ceilings will be finished

We Loan You a Tool Kit – Tools needed to assemble the frame and install the panels. (retainer required)

Do you supply the shingles, siding and windows etc?

To eliminate double handling and storage problems, it makes more sense to purchase these items through your local supplier, as you need them. Supplying additional materials such as lumber for your 1st deck would cause a problem because you will need this material while we are manufacturing your frame & panels. We supply what you need, the items to assemble the frame and install the panels, including loaning you a tool kit with specialty tools. Windows are much more economically bought through large suppliers with greater buying power. And, you can get the brand that you prefer. We provide a window schedule on your plans. You can simply purchase them from suppliers like Lowes, Home Depot or a local manufacturer.